When standard products are not applicable, we develop an exclusive mobile or fixed extinguishing system in close consultation. The starting point of a custom design is your business need. Based on this, we analyze the specific situation and come up with a custom design, mobile and/or fixed extinguishing system for the total solution. Obviously the total solution is based on our expertise, best available technologies and applicable laws and regulations.

Tank fire extinguishing systems

At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we distinguish ourselves by offering high-quality products for tank firefighting. These are unique customized solutions for emergencies that require large capacity. Firefighting in the petroleum and petrochemical industry is tailor-made and we provide total care, that’s for sure.

Demand assessment

The term ‘you ask, we deliver’ is still too common in practice and can prevent the right solution from being offered during a technical request or tender. Today, it is therefore important not only to look at what questions come from the industry, but also to check whether what is being asked actually meets the demands and situation at the customer's site. Is the request the right one? That is why active listening and asking the right questions during personal meetings is of great importance in order to arrive together at the right solution that fits your situation and needs.

Our customized solutions are realized and delivered in accordance with standard processes. After an extensive test cycle, we install on site. At DNM we go for nothing less than a complete service.

Projects we are proud of

We provide absolute security to a wide range of customers spread across several continents. Through expert advice, a total package of firefighting materials and years of expertise, we help customers towards a safe working environment. Below are some of our projects. Are you also looking for a high flow system for petrochemical fire suppression? Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Our team will be happy to help you further.

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