A petrochemical fire has various risks and fighting it requires specialist knowledge. DNM Industrial Firefighting's Emergency Response Service (ERS) can assist with such firefighting.

Experienced in diverse industries

Through our broad experience in multiple industries and storage types, we will not be surprised by situations that normally do not occur in your industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have the expertise to quickly analyze the situation and prepare an effective attack plan, supplemented by the necessary resources and hardware.

Our ERS approach is characterized by;

  • Perfect preparation; based on pre-disaster analysis with exact risk mapping.

  • Optimal cooperation with the fire brigade organization. 

  • Effectiveness, by using real-time information from the situation created - in addition to using static information - for an effective attack plan.

  • Speed, all possible resources and hardware are at easy reach. Directly or through specialized partners. Therefore, we even have additional resources available in the shortest possible time, if they are unexpectedly needed. 


The service in case of emergencies is specially designed for our regular customers. For members of the 24/7 DNM Membership, we guarantee expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of an emergency. By being on site as quickly as possible, we protect the environment and prevent escalation. Our team consists of specialized staff with extensive knowledge and practical experience.

All required extinguishing agents in-house

Each fire is unique and requires a different solution. That requires a lot of knowledge. Our location in Stellendam (NL) is the base from which we coordinate the ERS. Our ERS team has the right specialists, all necessary materials directly from stock, and the transport to get these materials directly on-site. The service package is specifically tailored to each specific situation. Our ERS team supports the fire department to control the fire.

After-care after an emergency situation

Once the emergency is under control and the fire is extinguished, our service does not stop yet. We conduct extensive research to determine the exact cause of the fire, to which we help prevent recurrence. In addition, we also advise on the best way to clear, clean and recover the site. At DNM, we go for nothing less than the total solution.

ERS Global

It is clear that ERS requires specialist knowledge. In the Netherlands, we are the only party offering this service, but our ERS reaches beyond that, we offer this service even in Europe and globally. Wherever the petrochemical fire breaks out, with DNM you have a specialized partner for professional assistance.