Are you in search of absolute security in petroleum and petrochemical firefighting? At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we have a complete range of products: from hydrants to pumps and from extinguishing media to special vehicles. These products not only comply with current legislation and regulations, but also meet the highest quality requirements. This includes careful consideration of materials selection, user friendliness, and maintenance sensitivity.

Wide range of firefighting equipment

From our bases in Stellendam (NL), Hamburg (DE), and Singapore (SG), we offer a wide range of firefighting equipment, such as hydrants, valves, fire hoses, extinguishing foam, and much more. Everything to fully support our customers.

Tailored advice

Our team is available for on-site consultancy and risk analysis. We check existing extinguishing systems and provide advice on any opportunities and risks for your operation, replacement, and/or expansion. At DNM we not only supply materials, but also extinguishing agents, temporary facilities, expertise, training, installation, and maintenance. With our years of experience in petroleum and petrochemical firefighting, we are happy to help you to a safe environment. Safety is always the highest priority, that’s for sure.