World's number one in industrial firefighting

Certainty in uncertain situations

In an industrial environment, risk is an inevitable part of your job. Specialized fire brigades all share the fear that just one spark may lead to an uncontrollable disaster. Therefore, they need all the security they can get. At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we offer that security.

Number one worldwide

We deliver the highest quality achievable and get better in being the best every day. No matter how critical the situation is, we are ready for you. That’s what makes us the world’s number one in industrial firefighting.

Total Care

We equip you with hardware and materials you can rely on, immediately and at any time. In addition, we provide support with training, maintenance, and backup. DNM Industrial Firefighting is the partner, advisor, and supplier in the field of petrochemical firefighting.

Meet the people

Our team consists of the best professionals in the field. With our love for the profession, knowledge, systematic approach, and dedication to our customers, we guarantee absolute security.


We actively collaborate with a global network, with very extensive experience in different markets. From aviation to industry and from chemistry to refineries.