In recent years, the risk of large industrial fires has increased, with all corresponding challenges. Storage tanks are also becoming larger, now with a diameter of more than 100 meters. In an emergency you need one thing: Absolute certainty. This certainty consists of firefighting materials and extinguishing systems with sufficient capacity to extinguish the fire.

Tank, tank well and pool fires

Companies that work with hazardous substances during their process have to deal with different fire scenarios. At refineries and tank terminals, this may relate to tank, tank well and pool fires. For these types of scenarios, extinguishing foam and foam extinguishing systems are important components for securing valuable objects and ensuring the safety of people on-site and nearby environments.

Expert advice on firefighting

Does the current system provide sufficient capacity and does it comply with mandatory legislation and regulations? At DNM, we provide expert advice from our expertise. We know the technical directives and laws and regulations, but we also look beyond that. We provide a customer-specific solution for a reliable system in case of emergency. 

High flow systems for tank terminals

Due to the high volume of flammable/explosive substances at tank terminals, in the event of fire, an emergency situation emerges. The use of high-capacity mobile systems is now an integral part of the methods to combat large tank fires. We develop our high flow systems tailored to customers and have a capacity of up to 100,000 l.p.m. In doing so, we look at all the factors necessary to achieve rapid extinguishing and we recommend a fixed or mobile extinguishing system. We test the final product comprehensively and also perform corrective maintenance on all our products annually. At DNM you are assured of a total service.

Wide range of extinguishing agents

At DNM, we provide our customers with a complete range of firefighting materials. These are suitable for tank terminals, storage and transfer companies, but also for other industries. For example, check out our range of fire hoses, hydrants, and foam systems. Looking for a specific application? When a standard product is not applicable, we realize a tailor-made product.

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At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we are the authority in industrial firefighting and we provide a high-quality total solution. We provide technology that has proven itself many times in combination with our knowledge. Our professionals will be happy to help you.