About DNM

Providing security is not something you do a little bit. You either do, or you don't. Quite simply. That's how we look at our work. We are more than Twenty-five professionals who work at DNM and are 100% committed every day to providing the (petrochemical) industry with the very highest level of fire safety required in this industry. And why do we do that? Because we have no idea how we should offer anything less than the maximum. That's what we guarantee: absolute certainty!

Vision & Mission

It is our vision that anyone involved in industrial fire fighting should be able to rely on absolute certainty for their own safety and that of their surroundings.

It is therefore our mission to pay explicit attention to every single detail of our work. We leave nothing to chance. To make this possible, we only work with "the best of the best."


If you work in an industrial environment,risk is an inevitable part of your job. The firefighters in the petrochemical industry and the specialized fire brigades at industrial complexes of all kinds, all just seem tough, bold and fearless, right?

Wrong! They all share this one great burden: The fear that just a spark might cause a catastrophe beyond their control. It is their responsibility to avoid that untamable hazard no matter what. So they need all the certainty they can get.And that’s where our experts come in. At DNM Industrial Firefighting we provide that certainty.


We equip you with hardware and materials you can rely on, instantly and at any time. We support you with training, maintenance and back-up and our engineering provides you with state-of-the-art, mobile and fixed extinguishing systems.

That’s what makes us the world’s number one in industrial firefighting. Because no matter how critical the situation gets, we back you up.

That’s for sure!

Authority in industrial firefighting

More than twenty-five years of experience, a rock-solid learning curve and tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience have made DNM a global authority on industrial firefighting. That authority asserts itself in three specific fields: equipment, support and engineering. Based on these three specialties, we provide a total package, including all necessary hardware and support. Once again: 'a bit of safety' does not exist for us. We deliver total care.

Industrial Firefighting Experts

To provide that absolute certainty, DNM works only with experts within their field. This applies to all employees of our organization, whether they work in reception or design an industrial extinguishing system, they are the very best within their field. Therein lies our greatest strength: our people. They also provide, under all circumstances what DNM stands for: absolute security!

Equipment, support and engineering

DNM offers its services in industrial environments such as refineries, airports and tank terminals. Those services can range from supplying a hydrant or nozzle to engineering, installing and maintaining complete industrial fire suppression systems for a newly constructed refinery. DNM provides the materials, the knowledge, and expertise, training, installation and maintenance.


We actively collaborate with a global network, with very extensive experience in different markets. From aviation to industry and from chemistry to refineries.