Petroleum and petrochemical industry

Petroleum and petrochemical industry

In the petro- and petrochemical industry, firefighting is crucial. The hazardous and combustible substances in this industry pose high risks. When an incident occurs, it not only has consequences for the organization itself, but also for the environment. At DNM Industrial Firefighting we specialize in providing absolute security in precarious situations, that’s for sure.

High flow systems

In the petro- and petrochemical industry, it is vital to be well protected in the event of tank- and tank-well fires. In such emergency situations, a large water capacity with the correct amount of fire foam is required to extinguish the fire. Because you don’t extinguish a tank fire just like that, it requires expertise and the right resources. Our years of experience prove our expertise in high flow systems, for example the petro- and petrochemical industry. These mobile or fixed systems have a capacity of up to 100,000 l.p.m. At DNM, our high flow systems are tailor-made and provide absolute security in case of emergency.

Complete range of extinguishing agents for petro- and petrochemical industry

Our total range of firefighting materials delivers in a risk situation. From our facilities, we offer all the necessary extinguishing agents for the petro- and petrochemical industry; from fire hoses to hydrants and monitors. In addition, all products can be customized to suit the customer's need. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities for the petro- and petrochemical industry.

Laws and regulations firefighting petro- and petrochemical industry

The government lays down strict rules for every industry. In the petro- and petrochemical industry, sector-specific company certificates are also required. At DNM, we guarantee that products and systems comply with laws and regulations. But we also look beyond that: Certification is a starting point for us. Every day our professionals are working to ensure the highest possible quality. Because you don’t do safety a little, you do it for the full 100%.

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