Sustainable firefighting

Large-scale fires pose enormous risks on human beings and environment. Material is damaged, much water is consumed, and harmful and polluting substances are released. At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we are therefore working hard to reduce the environmental damage. We do this by offering the most sustainable, but always the most effective solution in every situation. 

Environmental hazards in the event of tank fires

In the event of fire in a storage tank on an industrial site, this fire must be extinguished quickly. The hazardous substances stored in the tanks may have a major impact on the environment. Our dedicated ERS team will help you to extinguish the fire quickly and carefully, observing the impact on people and the environment. The environmental damage is enormous when a tank fire burns for days. Therefore, our aim is always to extinguish it as soon as possible. We are committed to achieving this.

Non-fluorinated foam

Because of the changing laws and regulations on PFAS in fluorinated foam, we help companies in various industries to switch to non-fluorinated foams. Because firefighting foam with fluorine has an impact on the environment and health. With our certified, non-fluorinated foam, we guarantee that the fire is extinguished just as well and quickly as with fluorinated foam, because in industrial firefighting you don't take risks. Be prepared for the future by switching to a non-fluorinated foam. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you in this transition.

Healthy work environment

We work on-site, but also from our bases in Stellendam (NL), Hamburg (DE), and Singapore (SG). On our bases, we also take care of the most sustainable environment. For example, we responsibly deal with energy and combine transports as much as possible. We manufacture and buy our high-quality equipment mainly in Europe and the United States. This allows us to trace how our partners deal with environment and working conditions. We also ensure sustainable office supplies and we replace paperwork by digital alternatives. We are always looking for better and sustainable ideas to do our part.

Do you want to work in a sustainable working environment?

We are always looking for better and sustainable ideas to contribute.Check out our open vacancies.