To ensure that our customers' equipment is in good condition, we also carry out maintenance at DNM Industrial Firefighting. Periodic maintenance ensures that the equipment remains in good condition and thus prevents malfunctions. In addition, our specialized technicians perform preventive and/or corrective maintenance. Foam testing, flow measurements and flushing of the lines are standard components of DNM's maintenance service, all to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.

Flow measurement: Essential for your extinguishing system

An extinguishing system must perform the moment safety is compromised. An important part of the extinguishing system is the water supply, where the water pipes are the basis of the extinguishing system. During a flow measurement, we measure the flow of the system. This gives insight into the capacity of the extinguishing system and where any bottlenecks might be located. On a daily basis, our professionals perform flow measurements on hydrants, fire water pipes, and sprinkler systems to ensure a reliable extinguishing system.

Flush fire water pipes

A common problem is a contaminated extinguishing water system. This is often caused by mussels and other aquatic organisms, also known as fouling. This results, among other things, in pressure and capacity reduction, damage, and health problems. It is therefore essential to flush fire water pipes regularly and to control the fouling. For flushing the pipes, we can establish and execute a fully customized flushing protocol. In addition, we offer various possibilities for keeping pumps and suction baskets clean, as well as the entire supporting piping system.

Foam test

Extinguishing foam combats fires in an extremely effective way. That is why we guarantee the quality of the foam by means of a foam test. Various foam tests are possible for testing a foam-forming agent: Standard quality test, co-mixing control test, and fire test. These foam tests are part of our regular maintenance activities.

Want to know more about our service?

Our service organization has specialists who have many years of experience in maintaining every brand and type of system. The maintenance is performed in accordance with standard processes and complies with the guidelines of the manufacturers. Do you have any questions about the maintenance of industrial fire-fighting equipment?

Please contact us. If desired, we can come by for tailor-made advice.