At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we do not deliver jobs half-done. We provide completely installed extinguishing systems that are delivered entirely in accordance with the laws and regulations of the industry. With our expertise in petroleum and petrochemical firefighting, we are happy to advise on firefighting and emergency response.

Laws and regulations on firefighting

Each project and each organization must comply with specific laws and regulations on firefighting and safety. These laws and regulations are different for every industry. At DNM, we know these regulations and laws in detail. Even more important, we have the expertise to find the best solution in this framework. Our extinguishing systems always meet the set requirements of the government, but also our own set requirements.

Tailored advice for extinguishing systems

Our experts have many years of experience in firefighting and are specialized in various industries. This includes advice for the petroleum and petrochemical industry, storage and transshipment sites, and airports. Are you in doubt whether your current extinguishing systems comply with the current laws and regulations? At DNM, we conduct on-site inspections. We analyze the current system and provide an appropriate and sustainable advice of the highest level to minimize the risks.

On-site training

Our systems are tailor-made systems. They are tailored to best ensure the safety of your organization and employees. For this purpose, in addition to these systems, we offer on-site training to ensure maximum impact. We believe it is important that the involved employees in your organization know the ins and outs of the operation of the firefighting system, to enable them to use it as quickly and effectively as possible, if necessary. And, because our systems are tailor-made, our training is as well.

Do you want advice on extinguishing systems?

Our experts are ready for you. Fill out the form and we will contact you soon.

Our experts are ready for you. Fill out the form and we will contact you soon.