Security regions are an essential service in society. Among other things, fire brigade service, firefighting and crisis management. This requires the right knowledge and high-quality means to provide security in a risk situation.

Firefighting in safety regions

At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we offer that expertise to guarantee safety to the relevant safety regions. We supply firefighting materials, but also serve as a knowledge partner. That includes personal and direct contact with our professionals. 

Knowledge partner in firefighting
(petroleum and petrochemical)

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge we, at DMN, are the authority in petroleum and petrochemical firefighting. Every day we help customers in different industries in the process to a safe situation, including in security regions. We analyze risks and then eliminate them with our customized solutions. Present your question to our professionals, we'll get in touch with you soon. 

Total fire protection service for safety regions

With our knowledge of laws and regulations, we ensure that our products meet those requirements. In addition, a product must also meet our own quality requirements before we include it in our range. If you choose DNM, you opt for products with the best specifications. As a knowledge partner for safety regions, we provide not only the expertise and the right materials, but also the training, installation, and maintenance. With our service, we offer total care for our customers. 

Complete range of extinguishing agents

From our bases in Stellendam (NL), Hamburg (DE), and Singapore (SG) we offer a complete range of extinguishing agents, including fire hoses, hydrants, foam systems and pumps. Check out our range of products online. In addition, it is possible to personalize all extinguishing media. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Expert assistance

We offer a complete service under one roof. Please contact us now, by phone number below or by filling out the contact form.