The armed forces are ready to guarantee the stability and freedom of people in the world every minute of the day. This also applies to securing the fire safety of people and objects during complex missions in the Netherlands and abroad. This requires firefighting materials that provide absolute security.

DNM's service

At DNM Industrial Firefighting, we offer high quality, innovative solutions and a complete range of extinguishing media. You are assured that these products comply with the applicable laws and regulations at all times, because you don’t take any risks at firefighting.

Laws and regulations Defense

Defense offers security to all citizens. In this context, you want firefighting materials you can rely on. At DNM, we provide a wide range of extinguishing media that comply with laws and regulations. The firefighting regulations describe the technical standards an extinguishing system must meet. This ensures that the extinguishing system is able to extinguish a fire in a short time. Under no circumstances, we compromise on quality and we pay close attention to the choice of materials, user-friendliness, and maintenance sensitivity.

Total range of firefighting materials Defense

At DNM, we offer the best products for firefighting. We supply a complete package of firefighting materials, but when a standard product is not applicable, we also make tailor-made products. We have the solution for every customer's need at DNM. With our expertise in the area of Defense services we always take into account the procedures that have been established. We go for quality in the long term and therefore we annually perform corrective maintenance on our products. We also provide maintenance advice for the necessary weekly or monthly maintenance.

Experience within Defense

Since 2010, we have been helping Defense design, engineer, test, and maintain nineteen Twin Agent Extinguishing systems. These systems have been specially developed in cooperation with Defense as a solution for situations where no fire water is available. The autonomously operating Twin Agent Extinguishing systems meet the specific requirements of Defense for functioning under extreme climate conditions.

Fast service

To ensure safety, we offer fast and high-quality service. We are easily accessible. Call us at the number below or submit your question using the contact form. Our professionals are ready to assist you.