National airports, regional airports, or military airports; hundreds of aircrafts depart or return to the airport daily. Safety regulations apply to every type of airport. One thing is sure: You want absolute security in case of emergency.

Specialized work

Fighting an aircraft fire is a specialist job. To ensure the safety of passengers and employees, we offer high-quality extinguishing media and systems. Most airports also have a tank park. With our expertise, we offer security in uncertain situations, that’s for sure.

Water, foam, and powder

An aircraft fire quickly requires water, foam, and/or powder in the right proportions. To achieve this, we supply specialized Hydro-Chem systems at DNM Industrial Firefighting. These are custom systems, where the extinguishing solutions specifically designed to cover the risks identified in the analysis phase. We design and realize the solution, consisting of different components. Learn more about our Hydro-Chem systems.

Firefighting materials airports

In addition to our systems, we offer a complete range of firefighting materials. Including pumps, hydrants, fire hoses, and extinguishing powders of the best quality. All of these products obviously comply with laws and regulations, because you don’t do safety a little, you do it for the full 100%. Therefore, we do not only supply materials, but also knowledge and expertise, training, installation, and maintenance. A complete service under one roof, that is the certainty of DNM.

Emergency situation?

In case of an incident, we act quickly and efficiently. For emergency deliveries of foam or powder, please contact us.

Tailored advice

Call us or fill out the contact form to contact our professionals. We are ready to answer questions and help airports to create a safe environment for everyone.